Sensory Training

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Exercises in this area teaches a child perception, observation, fine discrimination, and classification. Children develop their sense of logic and concentration through sensory training. Begins at preschool age 3 years old through Kindergarten 5 years old.

  1. Discrimination of length, width, and height
  2. Discrimination of volume
  3. Discrimination in multiple dimensions
  4. Discrimination among color tones
  5. Discrimination among geometric shapes for shape and size
  6. Discrimination among solid geometric shapes by sight and touch
  7. Solving of complex abstract puzzles in three dimensions
  8. Discrimination of intensity and nature of sounds
  9. Discrimination among musical tones
  10. Discrimination of texture by touch
  11. Discrimination of weight by touch
  12. Discrimination of temperature by touch
  13. Discrimination of scents


Sensory training helps older students to:

  1. Accurate observation of the natural world.
  2. Culinary discrimination
  3. Artistic and musical appreciation
  4. Architectural appreciation
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