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One of the first goals is to develop in the very young child a strong and realistic sense of independence, concentration skills and self-reliance. Along with love and a stable environment, these are the child's greatest needs. The area of "Practical Life" concentrates on developing skills that will allow the child to control and deal with the physical and social environment in which they live. Children are very proud when they are able to say, "I did it myself". Practical life begins as soon as the young child enters the school and continues throughout the curriculum to more and more advanced tasks appropriate to the oldest students.

  1. Dressing oneself
  2. Learning home address and phone number
  3. Pouring liquids without spilling
  4. Carrying objects without dropping
  5. Carrying liquids without spilling
  6. Walking without knocking into furniture or people
  7. Using knives and scissors with good control
  8. Putting materials away on the shelves
  9. Working carefully and neatly
  10. Dusting, polishing and washing exercises
  11. Sweeping
  12. Flower arranging
  13. Caring for plants and animals
  14. Table setting-serving yourself-table manners
  15. Folding cloth: napkins, towels and clothing
  16. Simple use of needle and thread
  17. Use of tweezers, tongs, eye-droppers, locks, scissors, knives
  18. Increasingly precise eye-hand coordination
  19. Simple cooking and food preparation
  20. Dishwashing
  21. Weaving and bead stringing
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