All students are required to have on file a Florida Certificate of Immunization (Form DH 680), Student Physical Examination Certificate (HRS-H Form 3040). Kindergarten students are required Hepatitis B Vaccine series.


As part of the admission process we require all applicants to have an official transcript containing grades, attendance, standardized test scores, completed teacher recommendations from the current English and Mathematics teacher, health, immunization records, and birth certificate for applicants entering kindergarten through eighth grade. At the end of the academic year, all applicants must submit an official transcript with final grades. It is the parents’ responsibility to request the final transcript.


Applicants for our kindergarten program are evaluated in terms of their developmental skills. Applicants in first through eighth grade are evaluated in areas of general ability, reading comprehension, mathematics and writing skills. Applicants to the Maria Montessori Academy/ Inclusion class are required to take a basic evaluation test in English and in mathematics and must provide a copy of a neurodevelopment evaluation or psycho educational evaluation.


Grade placement recommendation of transferring school shall normally be honored. However, if the principal, in consultation and agreement with the appropriate grade level teacher and the parent, feels that the student is incapable of satisfactory work at that level, the Montessori School of North Miami reserves the right to place the child according to the recommendations of the Principal.


The Maria Montessori Academy offers inclusive education in all grades. Inclusive means that all students in the school, regardless of their weaknesses in any area, become part of the school community. They are included in the feeling of belonging among other students, teachers, and support staff. The Maria Montessori Academy’s main objective is to meet the needs of students with particular Learning Disabilities and to mainstream them into regular high schools. When good inclusion is in place, the child who needs the inclusion does not stand out. The inclusive curriculum includes strong parental involvement, students making choices, and a lot of hands-on and heads-on involvement.

The Maria Montessori Academy provides a clinical curriculum for students in multi-age inclusive classes starting in Grade 3 through Grade 8. Our environment and methods of instruction permits each child to accomplish conventional academic skills. Students are taught the basic subject areas of math, language arts, science and social studies in an approach individually designed to their learning style. Speech and occupational therapy are integrated throughout the curriculum if required. The cost for these therapies is not included in the monthly tuition.

The multi-age inclusive class is completely incorporated and taught by a learning specialist. Our learning specialists in addition to applying the Montessori Method, have also attended the various workshops from Linda Mood-Bell (Seeing Stars for reading and spelling, Visualizing and Verbalizing for reading comprehension, On Cloud Nine Math for mathematics, and LiPS for phonemic awareness), all these techniques successfully address the needs of each child.


Our advanced academic program starts in fourth grade and is designed for those students who are able to work at a higher level. Our graduating lower elementary students and other students that have attended other Montessori schools will flourish in this academic environment. Our teachers design the yearly curriculum and the appropriate homework. Students are expected to maintain a combined GPA of 3.0. An alternative program of basic courses will be provided in after school tutoring for students in need of additional support. These special programs are individually designed to meet each student’s potential.


Students who have difficulties with homework assignments may schedule after school tutoring sessions (3 students group) at $40.00 per hour. We can also recommend private tutors.


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